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NHHSA is a national home school services provider that personalizes curriculum for optimal student-centered learning.  Ours is an alternative method - a brilliant new approach - to education which serves the evolving needs of the individual student maximally.


Join us and see what the next several years at NHHSA can do for you!


Myrna Y. Boyer

Founder & Director 

Welcome to an amazing schooling experience!

National Home Schooling Services

Inside the Classroom 


Our integrated classroom is a small, comfortable environment where every student receives dynamic and personalized instruction.  We breathe vibrant new life into a student's schooling experience.

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The NHHSA Study Experience

A personalized setting with dynamic student-centered instruction that opens the world to students & breathes new life into their academic studies is the norm for the NHHSA study experience.

Academics Overview


Adult Grad Program

The Home Study Experience

Since 1995

Character Development Series

Buy your copy of Friends, Acquaintances & Dating Safely:  A Guide for Tweens & Teens today! This invaluable course builds on critical thinking skills vital to the decisions & choices they face in their developing years.