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New Horizons Home School ​& Academy   

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Ours is a humble beginning and a simple vision...we want to create an environment where a child can learn safely and joyfully.  Where strengths are celebrated and natural ability is enhanced.  Where discovery is richly rewarding and the search for the unknown is encouraged.  Where innate knowledge is acceptable and curiosity and wonder are applauded.

Ours is a schoolhouse constructed of individual proportions but gigantic aspirations.

Along the way, we seek to find those who share our vision, thusly, forging new relationships that help us strengthen our resolve so that our growth is mutual and exponential.

"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others."   Jonathan Swift

Our vision is pretty clear:  we aim to continue to count ourselves among the ranks of the small but growing number of innovative thinkers whose broadminded approach to academics continues to compel educational reform.

And in this manner, we seek to Bring Education to Life!​(SM)


Our Vision