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We engage our students with learner-centered approaches. Compared to traditional teaching methods, learner-centered instruction is: 

  • person-centered rather than ​curriculum-centered 
  • process-oriented rather than content-oriented
  • experience-based rather than lecture-based
  • democratic rather than authoritarian 
  • self-directed rather than teacher-directed 

Learner-centered methods emphasize: 

  • relationships over ​instructions
  • cooperation over ​individualism 
  • thinking over memorization

​The focus of NHHSA educators is always on constructing understanding by helping students master concepts gradually, rather than covering as much subject-matter as humanly possible according to the demands of a standardized course syllabus. Our dedicated team of professionals (who genuinely love the work they do) makes it possible for us to put the student first, and ​administrative convenience second.

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The NHHSA Study Experience


A personalized setting with dynamic student-centered instruction that opens the world to students and breathes new life into the academic experience is the norm for the NHHSA study experience.

Inside the classroom, our academy is integrated into a unique environment for all ages. Learning takes place through positive student-teacher interactions and challenging project-based activities. 

But if your student is home-bound, you don't have to go it alone.  We have a team dedicated to providing support services to help.

Whether in our classroom or the comfort of your home, the methodology remains the same.  Core studies are formatted to meet the developmental and educational needs of individual students while complying with state requirements.  

We view learning as a multi-dimensional process of growth and development that is not confined to a single environment or setting. We believe that only a small portion of the learning process actually occurs during traditional lecture-style interaction between student and teacher. Rather, we operate under the more holistic view that real, organic, and productive learning occurs over the course of engaging conversations, project-based activities, long-term emotional connections with peers and mentors, community service, involvement in public affairs, and guided personal development. Our learners learn best when confronted on a daily basis with real-world applications of the knowledge they acquire, not when force-fed an amalgam of textbook information to be regurgitated upon command. 

In addition, a nurturing environment in which these conditions flourish is key. Part of our mission is to provide such an environment. Our staff is comprised of more than teachers: ours are role models and mentors.