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Who It's For

The HomeWork Program(SM) is an excellent study option for:

  1. Students in families who travel extensively.
  2. Gifted & Talented students who do not do well emotionally or academically in a standard classroom setting or with a standard classroom schedule.
  3. Students who are the victims of bullying and feel safer in the home environment.
  4. Students with social disabilities or social anxieties.
  5. Students who are ill and absent frequently.
  6. Students in military families who travel or re-locate often but want a stable and continuous academic routine.
  7. Students who do not do well in a larger classroom setting.
  8. Gifted & Talented students who do not integrate well in any classroom setting.
  9. Students who are distracted easily in a classroom setting, whether or not they have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.
  10. Students whose family or religious values do not accord with a public or private school setting.
  11. ​Student who simply prefer the comfort of their own home.

The Home Study Experience

Home-based study with NHHSA, which we call the HomeWork Program(SM), or HWP for short, is a home schooling program developed for students who, for whatever reason, achieve more academically when studying in the comfort of their own home.  Our program is nationally available, and our support system for home bound students is second to none!

The HWP accommodates any home-bound student in any state and includes a monthly syllabus of assignments, textbooks, guidance, study aids, and even private in-home tutoring* if needed.  Plus, students who live in our vicinity are welcome to participate in school activities, field trips and twice-a-week group tutoring at no additional cost.

The home study experience provides a student with the same, high quality academics, in a student-friendly format that allows the study environment to exist anywhere you want it to.

*Additional costs may apply.

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