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The Grad Program(SM)

Whether currently in school or not, this program is for anyone lacking a few credits to complete high school.  The entire program can be completed from home but does not deprive you of NHHSA's most essential services.

Graduating students receive a High School Diploma when they have met all NHHSA requirements for high school completion:

Total Credits required = 26

  • English - 4 Credits
  • Mathematics - 4 Credits
  • Sciences - 4 Credits
  • Social Studies - 2.5 to 3.5 Credits
  • Economics - 0.5 Credits
  • Foreign Language - 2 Credits
  • Physical Education - 1 Credit
  • Speech - 0.5 Credits
  • Fine Arts - 1 Credit
  • Electives - 7 Credits

Auxiliary Programs

FastTrack(SM) - Students who are prepared to handle twice the normal workload can have whatever program they are enrolled in "fast-tracked."  We assign double the work, they complete their grade level in half the time.

Special Education - Standard assignments are modified or augmented to accommodate special needs.

Character Development - At least once a month, and at no additional cost, NHHSA hosts a character education workshop during regular classroom hours.  Although workshops are optional, students are highly encouraged to participate.

Academics Overview 

At NHHSA, we offer an array of secular academic programs to serve homeschooling families, locally and across the United States, according to their needs.  Core studies are personalized and designed to meet the developmental and educational needs of each student.  All programs address core subjects, supportive academic disciplines and state requirements for formal education. 

In essence, the NHHSA academic model serves a number of purposes, not the least of which is the development of a program tailored to student's needs, rather than having the student force-fitted to the program.

Classroom Study

On-site students enjoy a small classroom setting with dynamic and personal instruction.  Well structured and well-disciplined, the NHHSA academic model opens the door to a world of learning and breathes new life into the academic experience.  The NHHSA learning environment is transactional  - that is to say - it results from a two-way interaction between educator and pupil that constantly engages and challenges the student to higher levels of personal and academic discovery.

The HomeWork Program(SM) (HWP)

NHHSA's exclusive HomeWork Program(SM) provides excellent student-centered instruction in an easy-to-follow and comprehensive home-based program that includes books, interactive online instruction, and group tutoring when needed. Our support services are second to none!

Plus HWP students are welcome to join us on-site* during regular classroom hours for group study, socialization and or added academic assistance. Available nationally.

*Up to twice weekly at no additional cost.

Since 1995