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Texas Education Code Chapter 51.9241(b)

Because the State of Texas considers successful completion of a nontraditional secondary education to be equivalent to graduation from a public high school, an institution of higher education must treat an applicant for admission to the institution as an undergraduate student who presents evidence that the person has successfully completed a nontraditional secondary education according to the same general standards as other applicants for undergraduate admission who have graduated from a public high school.

Placing you firmly on a road to success.

Have all your credits but didn't pass the state mandated exams?

Here's what you may not know.

The state does not require private schools to administer state mandated examinations, nor are students graduating from a homeschooling program required to pass them.

If you have all the credits required for graduation but failed the state mandated exams, call us. After appropriate verification of valid high school credits as required for graduation, we will issue your High School Diploma and get you back on the road to success.

We will even help you enroll in the college or university that best suits your career plans.

Existing Students

Existing students are directed on to the most optimal course of study for a straightforward path to graduation.  

Plus, students who qualify can FastTrack​(sm) their studies for early graduation.  

Upon successful completion of all graduation requirements, students receive a High School Diploma.

For a list of graduation requirements, see Graduation Requirements.

The Grad Program​(SM)

If you are lacking only a few credits for graduation. (Adults 20 years or younger.)

Things happen.  We know.  We have met young adults who were unable to complete their studies and graduate on time for a number of valid reasons: pregnancy, a sudden death in the family that interrupts the study dynamic or illness (to name just a few).

Whatever the reason, we have the answer, and your high school diploma is not out-of-reach.

 If you are lacking three credits or less in order to graduate, call us.  We can help!

No on-site class time is required, and you can work from the comfort of your own home. Moreover, we can offer you a total package price of $320.00, including the cost of your diploma.  No monthly tuition to pay!

And we can get you going right away.  Just click the link below, and we'll get you started.

Adult Grad Program

We want you to succeed.  So we offer you a graduation program that provides you with the quickest, most reliable route to a high school diploma. So you can get on with your life and your continued education.