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Our Mission

NHHSA is dedicated to providing a new model for education.  We recognize that existing education paradigms do not address the modern student or progressive concepts of learning.  Therefore, it is our aim to forward a more broadminded approach to education - one that keeps the student at the center of her or his educational progress.

NHHSA endeavors to nourish a student's desire for open-ended discovery in a manner that is functional and integrative and that pronouncedly underscores a student's contribution to the material being taught. We seek to do this in a personalized setting, with dynamic student-centered instruction in a manner that reignites a student's natural curiosity and breathes new life into the academic experience.

We strive to advance an appreciation for scholarship that endures and promotes a lifetime of personal growth and continued advancement.

Our Mission is simple:  we aim to change the face of education across America.