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"...since it was true that study, even when done properly, can only teach us what wisdom, right conduct and determination consist in, they wanted to put their children directly in touch with actual cases, teaching them not by hearsay but by actively assaying them, vigorously molding and forming them not merely by word and precept but chiefly by deeds and examples, so that wisdom should not be something which the soul knows but the soul's very essence and temperament, not something acquired but a natural property."

   - Michel Montaigne, The Complete Essays   

  • That by its very nature, a learning environment cannot be confined or restricted to a public institution; 
  • Children should be encouraged to exercise effective study strategies and a practical work ethic as a part of their daily practice of learning;
  • Education can be described as an organic process that does not cease or stagnate but that, rather, grows and evolves without end when nourished properly;
  • Parents have the right to be intimately involved in their child's education, and that they have the right to educate their child in their own home, or a home-like setting, regardless of their educational background;
  • The family structure has been, is and will continue to be the cornerstone of the existing social order, and therefore it cannot be subtracted or minimized with respect to a child's education.

Our Philosophy

We want you to know how we think. After all, embarking upon non-traditional alternatives to education brings learning to a much more personal level. We sincerely hope that we are a good match for you and your needs. Be sure to check out our core values to help you decide whether our principles accord with your own. 

Is homeschooling for you? We think that if you can accept these values, then it is - and we can't wait to help you get started. 

Get to know us better, too, by reading our Mission.

At NHHSA, we believe:

  • In student-centered methods of education. 
  • A student has the right to study in a safe environment;
  • Study workloads become purposeful when coupled with refining a student's ability to think creatively, originally and critically;
  • The greatest educators educate less through instruction than through inspiration;
  • A child is born with a natural enthusiasm to learn and explore, and that this innate desire and curiosity is dampened and subsumed when the child is denied the opportunity to be an active participant in her or his own educational process;