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"Creative thinking involves much more than the sorts of logical, linear thinking that dominate the Western view of intelligence and especially education...Being creative is about making fresh connections so that we can see things in new ways and from different perspectives.  In logical, linear thinking, we move from one idea to another through a series of rules and conventions...[but] creative insights often come in nonlinear ways, through seeing connections and similarities between things we hadn't noticed before."

Ken Robinson, Ph.D.

The Lion's Quadrivium (4th - 12th Grade) 

Inspired by Classical and Medieval educational models, NHHSA developed a program we call the Lion's Quadrivium. It encompasses four disciplines that we believe to be absolutely crucial to the success of students, especially home schooled students:

  • Core Studies 
  • Arts 
  • Logic & Philosophy  
  • Martial Arts


​The idea of a fourfold general approach to academics hails back to the philosopher Plato, of Classical Greece. Traditionally, the quadrivium was comprised of studies in arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. As you can see, our version is a little different. The result, however, is the same: an exemplary and well-rounded education that prepares young minds for the many demands of the adult world. 

Four Pillars


The first pillar - Core Studies - is made up of only standard courses the State requires every student to take: reading comprehension, grammar, math, science, and social studies. These are a student's bread and butter, the knowledge-base from which his or her learning takes flight. Core Studies allow students to meet nationally recognized standards, also known as the Common Core. The Common Core State Standards, although not adopted by the State of Texas (home of NHHSA headquarters), are important to NHHSA to prepare students for an increasingly globalized market.

Next, our second pillar, is the Arts. Specifically, students are taught music, drawing, painting and dance. At NHHSA, we feel it necessary for our students to devote a certain amount of time to the (sadly) underrated arts of self-expression. Creative arts open doors to creative thinking. Ken Robinson, Ph.D. an internationally recognized leader in the development of creativity, innovation and human potential who advises governments, corporations, education systems and some of the world's leading cultural organizations is but one of an ever-expanding number of professional advisers in the field of educational reform who stand as strong proponents of an emphasis of the arts in the classroom. Experience has demonstrated to us time and again the rewards our Lions reap from creative expression.  

​The third pillar of our quadrivium introduces NHHSA students to advanced and higher-order thinking skills. In Logic & Philosophy, students are trained in critical thinking. They are taught English composition, argumentation, public speaking, and rhetoric. The full course is available only to high school or AP middle school students. Elementary level students enrolled in the Lion's Quadrivium can expect to receive supplemental training in public speaking and English composition, reserving the more rigorous studies in Logic & Philosophy for a later age. 

No quadrivium that purports to offer a well-rounded education would be complete without Athletics. As the Roman poet Juvenal once wrote: mens sana in corpore sano - "Sound mind in a sound body." For students of NHHSA, this translates into traditional martial arts training. Our Lions are taught self-defense, traditional Karate and grappling, and they are put through vigorous physical fitness training by an experienced athletics coach (in accordance with their health and capabilities). Martial arts training gives students the discipline, self-confidence, focus, and stillness of mind necessary to overcome adversity in all avenues of life with composure. 

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