"Thank you all for making this such a wonderful experience for Aubree.  From the first day, she has loved it and [has loved] each and every one of you.

"Ms. Myrna [NHHSA Director], you have created a very special school.  From the nurturing climate to the selection of staff, you stand out as a highly gifted educator and administrator.

"You have enriched Aubree's life greatly and we will forever have the fondest memories of NHHSA."

The Abdos

"As we enter this new school year, again I would like to thank you, your staff, and the wonderful educators that give everything of themselves to my grandson's success.  This year, like last year, the classes are new to him, and again, we see improvement in his trying his hardest to do his homework.  Yes, most days, even wanting to go the school. 

"I know it is a great advantage for him to start the year mostly recognizing those that were in class with him last year [and] he truly enjoys his teachers.  Both of them are true points of light and are a great credit to your academy.

"Like last year, I hope it is rewarding for all of you in what you are accomplishing with him and it will always be our hope that he gives you the joy that he gives to us."

Don & Blanca C

"We are very pleased with the academic achievement we have seen in our daughters.  The educators go above and beyond to assist all the students.  One of my daughters has ADHD and can be difficult to work with but NHHSA is well-prepared and [helps] them learn."

Melissa L.

"I love this school. Both of my grandkids attend, I could not be happier [and] they could not be happier. I wouldn't worry if credits don't transfer, my babies aren't going anywhere :) They have awesome programs, they start learning French and Spanish in preschool ....and academic wise, they do a great job!! The teachers are wonderful, the staff at the front office is wonderful, [and] the Director herself is caring and involved with the kids. I wish I would have known so much earlier. [I] would have never enrolled the oldest in public school. Well, I'm happy [and] she's here now!! Thank you, NHHSA.

Adriana D.Z.

What Parents are Saying about the NHHSA Study Experience

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